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Undesignated membership open to anyone with an active interest in financial planning and who agrees to observe the RFPI ® code of ethics.



> Upon acceptance of an Affiliate membership, the applicant agrees to complete a 120 hour course of study, that RFPI recognizes, within two (2) years.


> Ability to upgrade to the RFP ® designation once meeting all educational and experience requirements.

> Personalized membership card

> A subscription to the RFPI ® online newsletter

> Listing on the RFPI ® member website


$75.00 annual dues plus one time processing fee of $25.00.

Apply for Membership

Candidates must fully complete an application form and meet any other qualification criteria as applicable to the RFPI® Affliate or RFP® designations. The Board and Admissions Director will review all qualifications and experience and will assign the appropriate designation. Failure to pay the institute's annual dues in any year after the initial application or failure to submit CEU's shall result in a forfeiture of the previously assigned designation, a requirement to return the RFPI membership card, and relinquishment of the right to any further use of the RFPI® name and designation(s).

A member may be expelled, suspended, or disciplined if:
1. Violates any of the code of ethics, state laws or federal laws in the country that the member practices.
2. Has been found guilty by the board of directors of any act discrediting to the financial planning profession.
3. By not fulfilling twenty (20) hours of continuing educationís every three (3) years in their respective field of financial planning.
4. Failure to be a member in good standing with RFPI®.